How to Choose Favorite Jewelry for Travel Vacation

Today, I want to focus on jewelry and right outside the jewelry box. Let me state that I do not travel with expensive jewelry. I had a really bad experience traveling overseas and I had a nice necklace with me and I thought it was locked in the safe turns out the safe was not locked and sure enough that nice necklace went bye-bye. It absolutely broke my heart, so from that point forward I decided that when I travel I will pack light. I will pack costume and all the good stuff will stay behind in a safety deposit box or in a safe or in my mother’s.

best jewelry for travel

I learned the hard way that you know it’s really painful to lose a valuable piece, so with this in mind, I would like to present some travel ideas when it comes to jewelry that also plays into today’s trends. I think this will help pair things down and simplify for you. It really doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be quite fun if you just think of certain key pieces that will go with a lot of different things and then it really takes the guesswork out of it.

Costume Choker is Good Jewelry for Travel

So with that in mind, I want to start with the first one and that is going to be the choker. The choker is one of the most versatile pieces because it can be dressed up and it can be dressed down. It can go either with a t-shirt or with a really nice dress. There are many variations of the choker you’ve got a wide band like this one.

best choker for travel

You also have something nice and skinny like this little black felt with the drop down bead which again can really make an evening dress pop. I love chokers with a deep v-neck. I just think that it is kind of breaks that up. You the eye goes here but yet it comes up it’s a wonderful illusion and I just love the simplicity the versatility and how easily they pack so please if you do have travel plans, keep it choker in mind for some of your outfits.

I bought so many pieces at Etsy or Amazon. There’s one local designer that I use to purchase a couple of pieces. You really don’t have to spend a lot and I don’t want you to and in fact, I’d like you to be able to utilize what you have and pull through your stuff and do some interesting combinations.


As you can see, packing with expensive jewelry for travel is absolutely in danger, unless you are 100 percentĀ confident in safety. Some alternative costume or fashion jewelry should be good enough to help you sparking during the journey. Moreover, wearers never have to worry the loss of cost due to the affordable and low price. You would never put yourself in the situation of anxiety or fear because of luxurious jewelry you carry during the tour. That will definitely affect how you enjoy your travel. Therefore, doing some pre-hand research on what jewelry you are supposed to bring with is really smart.